Information for people with disabilities

Adriatic Arena reserves a limited number of seats for people with disabilities (who need a continuous
assistance) and their accompanying persons who must be major of age.


Seats are limited.


Regular tickets do not grant entrance to the Arena.The entrance of a disabled person and the positioning in an area different from the reserved one, will be considered at the disabled person own risk and Adriatic Arena will have no responsibility, being this in contrast with the safety recommendations.For safety and accessibility reasons, the Adriatic Arena can refuse the access to people with disabilities and their accompanying persons with regular tickets for every area different from the reserved one.


Reserved seats must be booked in advance by sending the request to


attaching the disability certificate (with the disability rating and the indication of the continuous assistance need) and indicating:

– day/s of the event

– name, surname and phone number of the disabled person

– name and surname of the accompanying person

– if the disabled person is on wheelchair


The booking confirmation will be sent in the two weeks after the request together with all information about how to pick up and pay the tickets, how to access the Arena from the reserved parking area and reserved entrance. A communication will be sent also in case of seats unavailability.


The application does not necessarily entitles to take part to the event if not confirmed in two weeks after the application is sent.


Please kindly note that the disabled person is entitled to receive the reduced ticket and the accompanying person’s entrance is free of charge. Only one accompanying person per disabled person is allowed (and he/she must necessarily be major of age).